Планетарная Игра в Бразилии

The Planetary Game


October 9-17, 2015


Engaging with the Emerging Future


Joy Drake, Kathy Tyler, Mary Inglis and Judy McAllister will be joining Olga Balian, Sueli Volpiano and a team of Brasilian facilitators in guiding this event, which will be in translation (English and Portuguese)

People from outside Brasil can book and pay the event fee of $575 through InnerLinks at:




Accommodation will need to be paid separately.

Please email Olga Balian - Taygeta Editora e Consultoria  - taygeta@terra.com.br


For more information, go to: http://jogoplanetario.com.br


Here is the purpose we will focus on and work with in the Planetary Game:


In a spirit of partnership,

we intend

to stand in our strengths and capacities,

discovering new ways to engage with our world

and to step gracefully into the emerging future with open hearts.

And the Playing Areas we will engage with are:




Nature and Environment

Subtle Worlds

The Emerging Future



The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation. Born at the Findhorn Foundation nearly 40 years ago as a way of representing the Foundation’s approach to life, the Game is one of the most creative impulses to come out of the community. Today players and trained facilitators engage with different versions of it in over 40 countries around the world, and the box Game has been translated into 9 different languages.


The Planetary Game involves up to 120 participants in five Playing Areas. Focused around a life-sized Game path on the floor, it provides an exciting, multi-dimensional environment in which we can connect with and honour our individual paths and contribution within the whole, while also engaging our hearts, minds and spirits with collective issues and challenges in today’s world.


The Planetary Game has been described as a form of sacred theatre. It amplifies both personal and collective issues, engaging our hopes and dreams for a positive future, highlighting strengths and resources, and pointing to new directions. It also reflects current limiting patterns and their underlying causal dynamics, and gives us the opportunity to reshape them.


The Game begins with each participant choosing one of the Playing Areas to work in, formulating an intention that is personally meaningful, and selecting a role to play: Player, Insight, Setback, Angel or Witness.


Each Area represents a key area of engagement. As we are all involved in all of them, collectively we will deepen into each of them and learn from the interplay between them.


Play then commences and costumed participants representing the Playing Areas use a die, free will or intuition to move along the path on the floor. Different squares present opportunities for interaction, growth, breakthroughs, recognition of shared strengths and challenges, and learning from one another’s work.


Although there is personal growth, insight and healing, the Planetary Game is played at far more than just the personal level. Its effectiveness depends on our capacity to recognise ourselves in one another, to see the world within ourselves and ourselves within the world, and to respond accordingly. It requires us to take responsibility for being co-creative participants in the wellbeing of a wholeness larger than just our own.


Do come and join us as we bring collective wisdom to both personal and global issues, explore our interconnectedness, and engage our capacity to generate positive pathways and presence in these extraordinary and exciting times.